Sanctuary of the Rastafarian Order

Welcome to the Rasta Church in Vancouver

9:00 am – Low Mass
Meditative, quiet, lasting a little over a half hour, a Low Mass is offered nearly every day of the week. Share in an intimate setting the holy mysteries of JAH. Low Mass is also accompanied by the ancient practice of sacrament for healing and anointing oil. Come for healing for yourself or on behalf of another in need.

What to Expect

At Sanctuary, we welcome anyone and everyone. That means:You don’t have to be a RASTAFARIAN to come, and no prior RASTAFARIAN knowledge or experience is required.

Concierge Group

This support group provides an environment where you can share your burdens, glean from others experience and find strength being with people who also have a loved one battling illness. You don't have to go through it alone. Come and be with people who can relate to what you are going through.

Connected Community

JAH created us after his own image as social beings. The ability to socially connect with one another is a divine gift. we want to foster a safe environment where we can develop friendships

Meditation Time

Meditation does not require a prescription, and you can do it every day without problematic side effects.
There are many different forms, but the simplest way i've found is faith-based stress reduction. You can do it anywhere