Sanctuary of the Rastafarian Order

Welcome to the Rasta Church in Vancouver

9:00 am – Low Mass
Meditative, quiet, lasting a little over a half hour, a Low Mass is offered nearly every day of the week. Share in an intimate setting the holy mysteries of JAH. Low Mass is also accompanied by the ancient practice of sacrament for healing and anointing oil. Come for healing for yourself or on behalf of another in need.

Meditation Time

Meditation does not require a prescription, and you can do it every day without problematic side effects.
There are many different forms, but the simplest way i've found is faith-based stress reduction. You can do it anywhere

Meditation is listening to your (inner higher) self

The highest form of meditation is doing your best. By doing, applying oneself fully to each activity that is engaged, persons quiet their senses, and open themselves to the flow from the universal essence. Messages and guidance from the unconscious mind can then filter down into the conscious mind.

Many of our earliest ancestors deep in central Africa understood the principle of meditation well. This is what they lived. Their understanding stemmed in part from their observations of natural law, and the application of that law in their everyday lives. Meditation was not something they set apart time for, they automatically did this as a natural part of their survival. They meditated in each action and behavior that was undertaken. Clearly they gained a lot of benefits by doing their utmost best in everything they engage. Persons nowadays can also benefit by doing likewise.

Honesty, integrity and moral conduct is something that needs to be constantly worked at, in chipping away the inevitable corruption.