Finding Peace Within

Stress Management in High Powered, High Demand Occupations In every day Life

This workshop is designed to be an antidote to burn out and empathy fatigue.Learn to unlock your personal potential in this relaxing experiential workshop.


Learn to protect yourself from the negative effects of workplace stress.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals in high stress occupations.

Professional and care givers who are regularly confronted with primary and secondary trauma.

People helping other people.

Front line personnel in positions requiring care, nurturing, warmth and empathy in service provision.Anyone wanting to develop or increase their ability to cope with stress.

Breathing Made Easy

Understanding the Physiology and Psychology of correct


The Relaxation Response

What does it feel like and how can it benefit you.

Power in Intention

Willing vs. Willful from intending to empowering.

Using your Imagination

Focus. Visualize.

Can You say NO

An Exercise.

Lifestyle Influences

Eating. Sleeping. Playing.


Yourself. Your community.

For More Information, PLEASE call:

604.620.0919 Ask for Trula

Trula O'Haire is a Registered Psychologist with 25 years of Experience working with kids,teens and families. She also the mother of two teen aged sons. She lives in Vancouver, BC where she has an active practice and offers workshops for the community

PLEASE call for current workshops schedule.

Trula O' Haire is a Registered Psychologist with 25 years of Experience

registration number #793*Psychological services are generally covered in part by ex-tended Health Plans. Other funding resources include some employee assistance funds, ICBC, Workers Compensation, and the Victims Assistance Fund for Victimsof Crime.